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The Grounds Roastery | Single Origin Coffee

Filter Roast - Ethiopia Banko Gotiti 250g



Banko Gotiti is in the southern district of Gedeb in the Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia. The cooperative was established in 2012 as a separate entity from the larger Worka Cooperative, and currently has approximately 300 members. Banko Gotiti Cooperative is well known for the best coffee cherry selection in Ethiopia. 


A naturally processed coffee, the ripe cherries are carefully selected and immediately placed on raised beds, meticulously constructed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control for an optimal drying process. Cherries are turned regularly on the beds to prevent damage during the drying process. The cherries are stored in a local warehouse after the moisture is reduced to between 11.5 and 12 percent, and then transported to Addis Ababa where the coffee is milled and exported.


Coffee blossom, peach, jasmine, lingering silky mouthfeel


Balance - 9
Aroma - 8
Mouthfeel- 8
Aftertaste- 7 Flavour - 9 Acidity - 8