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The Grounds Roastery | Single Origin Coffee

Filter Roast - Panama Mi Finquita Geisha Double Fermentation 150g



My Finquita is owned by and managed by Ratibor Hartmann of "The Hartmann Estate" in Loz Pozos, Volcan, Panama. My Finquita sits at an altitude of 1650 - 2000 MASL.


This beautiful Geisha lot has been processed using a "Double fermentation" method. Then first stage is done before de-pulping for a period of 48 hours without water. After that, the cherries removed and are de- pulped. The second stage is done in temperature controlled tank for 40 hours until the pulp is completely removed form the parchment. After this second fermentation the parchment is washed to remove the mucilage and is then placed on raised beds for around 28 days. 


Orange blossom, peach , caramel , guava


Balance - 9
Aroma - 9
Mouthfeel- 8
Aftertaste- 8.5 Flavour - 8.5 Acidity - 8